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Richard Littlefield

For State Rep

Who am I

Richard Littlefield Age 33 Born May 16th, 1986 in Laconia N.H
Graduated from the Laconia Adult Education program at Laconia High school.
I’ve spent many years working in local establishments, doing everything from small parts assembly
to running cash registers at local stores. I like to consider myself an all-around family man, and
I enjoy getting out and going on adventures with them hiking, swimming, and even simply walking
along the WOW trail in Laconia. New Hampshire is truly a wonderful place to live, and I like to
appreciate the beauty of it every chance I get. I also enjoy many sports like football and baseball,
and I’m an avid, well versed sports card collector.
In 2018, I volunteered for the Eddie Edwards campaign, and now in 2020, I’m proudly working
alongside some amazing people as a Trump Victory Volunteer. I’ve always had a passion for politics,
and I’ve been a member of the Belknap County Republican Committee for quite some time now.
Working on the Trump Campaign has given me a fresh sense of confidence though, and it is with
great pleasure that I announce my candidacy for New Hampshire State Representative from
Laconia. Our neighborhood is really important to me, and I strive to see us succeed together as
a community.
As previously mentioned, I’m a family man at my core. The strong, close-knit family that I have
standing behind me are much to thank for my confidence and passion that you’ll see in everything I
do. If it weren’t for their constant support and unconditional faith in me, I’m not sure where I’d be.
Thank you all so much, I’m truly lucky to have you in my life.
Most of all thank you to my hero and my grandfather, Henry Littlefield. The best man and role
model I’ve ever known, and somebody that I aspire to be like in every way, loving, caring, and fair.

Mission Statement

Taxes: In a time where there is no middle class left in this country, it’s very important that taxes stay
low for the people of Laconia. I will work with leaders on both sides of the aisle to provide relief
where I can, and fight against the slate of new and higher taxes coming out of the Democratic party
in Concord. I’m there, I’m personable and I’m ready, let’s get to work!

Abortion: The choice to abort started as an ultimate choice made only in life or death situations.
Throughout the years that choice has become an everyday norm, advocated for by politicians in
and out of Washington. In my humble opinion as a parent of three, the choice to abort should be
made only in extreme cases or if the mother and/or baby will die upon giving birth. I am strictly
opposed to 3rd trimester and birthday abortions.

Homelessness/Poverty: These are two problems in New Hampshire that need to be addressed, and
sadly I haven’t heard even one solid strategy from career politicians. Here’s a start, let’s offer the
homeless and poor jobs cleaning up areas that are left untouched by city workers (like the WOW
trail for example) Let’s pay them an hourly wage that lets them get back on their feet. They deserve
a chance, let’s give them that chance.

Laconia’s downtown businesses: One of Laconia’s longtime issues has been a lack of open, thriving
businesses in our area, and many are forced to close after only six months. I will work with leaders
to figure out the best ways to help businesses thrive during lean months and eventually expand
and grow. Entrepreneurship should be rewarded no matter what your background story is.

Regular Order: I absolutely believe in working together for a mutually beneficial outcome. As a
representative of Laconia, I would reach across the aisle and extend my hand in creating bills that
work for everyone. Let’s come together to keep taxes low, improve public schools, and honor those
who elected us by finally getting back to Regular Order.

Who I endorse

1. Matt Mowers for Congress CD1:
2. Corky Messner for United states Senate:
3. Steve Negron for Congress CD2:
4. Peter Spanos for belknap County Commissioner:
5. Bill Wright for belknap County Sheriff: